Full steam ahead in the first month for King Barry   It's been all go in the month of May for Barry as he takes over as the International President. The world meeting in Stratford-on-Avon was a wonderful, fun-filled event culminating in the installation of our own pony-tailed hero as the new International President for 2023/24.  A few people have asked why is the blog called "There's only". Those in GB&I, and others from overseas may well remember that when Barry was National President he frequently coined the phrase "There's only one Barry Durman" to which those of us who knew him well would respond with "thank goodness for that!". This blog continues the theme. Barry launched his international presidency with the theme of "Full Steam Ahead", a passing reference to his passion for steam trains but also a reference to his vision for 41 CLUB INTERNATIONAL. It is worth reminding those who were still awake at the end o

All Ready for the Year ahead

Barry, our pony-tailed hero, is almost ready for the AGM and World Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon at the end of this week. National President Steve James and his conference committee have been working tirelessly (so Martin Green says) for the past 3 years to make this a memorable conference for the 450 plus visitors who are now descending on Stratford. 27 countries of 41 INTERNATIONAL together with members of Tangent and Agora are represented and, as I write, the pre-tour is now underway. Over the last couple of months Barry has been very busy travelling. He went to Estonia at the beginning of March for the joint meeting of the 41 INTERNATIONAL Board with RTI and this was followed by a visit to go ice-fishing in Finland, although I think he went to a meeting as well. On to the GB&I conference in Jersey  and then just back in time from Denmark and Italy, where he joined Napoli's party when they won the Italian Serie A, for the World Meeting. For those of you who don't kno

Vice-President Barry attends the World Meeting organising committee meeting.

2023’s first full meeting of the World Meeting committee took place earlier this month in the iconic Board room in Marchesi House, the home of the Round Table family. The committee were joined by International Vice-President Barry, complete with the new version of the International Conference guide, and a new hairstyle (see later). The committee are working hard to make the World meeting in Stratford-on-Avon a memorable event for all our visitors. Committee chairman, Steve James – who also doubles up as Vice-President of GB&I 41 clubs – makes sure that everyone knows their role and reports regularly to the committee. Steve is joined by a strong cast including 5 past National Presidents of 41 club, 2 past National Presidents of Tangent, 1 current and 1 past IRO plus other members of the current GB&I National Board. The committee have put together a great few days with some wonderful trips out for the pre-tour to include a Royal castle and very special historic palace plus trips

Barry Joins the Christmas Convoy

Barry Joins the Christmas Convoy International Vice-President Barry joined the great German Round Table Family Christmas Parcels convoy taking gifts to children in Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and of course Ukraine. He joined up with the team in Hanau meeting up with old friends and many new ones. Amongst many others met up with Bob Parton and Gisela. Bob is the oldest person on the trip (I'm sure he won't mind me saying it) but he has been on the convoys for many years. This is Barry's diary. Day 1: 2nd December.  This is a huge enterprise and this year we have collected 132,606 parcels which have been split into 30 lorries with 12 coaches full with around 230  helpers, elves and santas mostly from the Round Table family. I am on the trip to Moldova, which I have been on before, and we have 3 coaches, 67 people, 7 lorries and around 30,000 parcels. The day before we set off we all met for a pre-tour party and a briefing, under the guidance of the wonderful CEO of the

Convoy 2022 completed

 Back home and reflecting on a job well done. Such a privilege to have done my 4th Convoy