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Vice-President Barry attends the World Meeting organising committee meeting.

2023’s first full meeting of the World Meeting committee took place earlier this month in the iconic Board room in Marchesi House, the home of the Round Table family. The committee were joined by International Vice-President Barry, complete with the new version of the International Conference guide, and a new hairstyle (see later). The committee are working hard to make the World meeting in Stratford-on-Avon a memorable event for all our visitors. Committee chairman, Steve James – who also doubles up as Vice-President of GB&I 41 clubs – makes sure that everyone knows their role and reports regularly to the committee. Steve is joined by a strong cast including 5 past National Presidents of 41 club, 2 past National Presidents of Tangent, 1 current and 1 past IRO plus other members of the current GB&I National Board. The committee have put together a great few days with some wonderful trips out for the pre-tour to include a Royal castle and very special historic palace plus trips