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  Full steam ahead in the first month for King Barry   It's been all go in the month of May for Barry as he takes over as the International President. The world meeting in Stratford-on-Avon was a wonderful, fun-filled event culminating in the installation of our own pony-tailed hero as the new International President for 2023/24.  A few people have asked why is the blog called "There's only". Those in GB&I, and others from overseas may well remember that when Barry was National President he frequently coined the phrase "There's only one Barry Durman" to which those of us who knew him well would respond with "thank goodness for that!". This blog continues the theme. Barry launched his international presidency with the theme of "Full Steam Ahead", a passing reference to his passion for steam trains but also a reference to his vision for 41 CLUB INTERNATIONAL. It is worth reminding those who were still awake at the end o