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The Half-Way Point

  The Half-Way Point After spending 7 weeks touring around Africa, India and Romania Barry returned home, but only for a very short while. Quite clearly he has a phobia about sitting still for even the shortest of time. One could describe it as ants in the pants but even the ants need a rest some time! Barry reminded me that although I mentioned his short visit to Ukraine he hadn’t told me much about it. During his time in Romania he had the opportunity to visit Ukraine (pictured in Cernau). For obvious reasons it was a long way from the war zone but nevertheless an important visit to show support for that ravaged country and its people. Many of you will know that Barry has been part of the Christmas gift transportation for a number of years which goes to Ukraine and other surrounding countries. Barry has regularly travelled to Moldova as part of that. In fact, his two charities are both from that country. If you get an opportunity, please buy a badge or make a donation. Having a