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Ending 2023 on a High

  Ending 2023 on a high. We left our pony-tailed hero having finished the half-year meeting in Cyprus and the halfway point of his year as 41 Club International President. His next visit was to Switzerland for their AGM in November.    First stop was a visit to stay with Swiss IRO, the irrepressible Noe Zanotta.   Noe of course provided wonderful company but also was happy to show   Barry around. A trip to one of Noe’s shops was followed by visits to   Montreux and a highlight visit to “Barryland”. Yes there really is one, in   Martigny, but unfortunately it is not dedicated to the Barry we know but to a   very worthwhile cause, that of the Great St. Bernard Dog breed. They then   moved on to the beautiful city of Lausanne for the AGM where many friends   met for the last International AGM of 2023.  The final trip of the year was to be in Merano for the renowned Chestnut Festival. Squeezed in between Switzerland and Merano Barry and Rachel joined five other past GB&I Presidents (in