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There’s no stopping for the Express Train now.

  There’s no stopping for the Express Train now.   Now entering the final busy stretch in the lead up to Morocco and the AGM, Barry started April with a trip to one of the newer Associations with Portugal’s AGM held in Porto. He started early in the morning but it was noticed that Ryanair had messed up so he had to fly from Gate 59 at the airport rather than 41. Don’t they know who he is!!! Anyway, on his arrival in Portugal he was taken down to the River Douro amongst some absolutely lovely scenery to have a lunch with everyone on the pre-tour by the river. From there it was onto the Sandeman port winery where Barry generously gave his hat and cloak to some old bloke in return for a glass of port. They had a few glasses of port to taste and then they bought a few more. Finally leaving the port cellars the group made their way back to town for an excellent gala night.   Saturday morning was the AGM and Barry took greetings from the International Board to the meeting. It was onl